1. How to Write an Attention-grabbing Resume?

    June 13, 2012

    First of all it is very important for us to understand the need of an attention-grabbing resume. Writing a good resume has become necessary if you desire to impress the reader.

    Follow some steps to write an impressive resume:

    1.Gather the information you have:

    Make a list of the your academic details, skills and qualities, etc which you want to mention in the resume.

    2.Format of resume:

    Format of the resume is very important [check BestSampleResume]. You need to know whether you want to use a functional or chronological resume format.

    3.Objective in Resume:

    Start the resume with an impressive objective.

    4.Power Words:

    Use words in resume that are eye-catching and will leave a mark.


    Do not go on mentioning unnecessary details on resume. Keep it short and precise.

    6.Identify the Employer's Need:

    Understand what are the requirements for the job profile you are applying for and mention skills and qualities matching them.

    7.Versatile Resume:

    Do not dare to use same resume and cover letter for all jobs you are applying for. Make changes according to the jobs.



  2. Motive of a Cover Letter

    May 14, 2012

    Grab the attention of the employer and take him to your resume is the main aim behind sending a cover letter. The HR's e-mail inbox is flooded with the job applications. So the main motive of cover letter is to make your resume different and unique from the rest. This motive can be accomplished not just by sending a scrap cover letter; the cover letter you send should be impressive.


    Main goals of the cover letter:

    • Make your job application strong.
    • Grab the attention of the reader and drive him towards your resume.
    • Let the employer think of you as one of the best suitable candidate for the job.
    • Get an immediate interview call.

    Do not hesitate to send an impressive cover letter.


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